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Our first fully planned out music video along with extras and a concert scene. Here’s how it went down.

Well, it’s taken a while, but it’s finally complete. Amp’s second official music video, “New Creation” is officially released! It’s taken a long time. For one music video you say? But Clara C, David Choi, and Wong Fu have so many videos out. Nigahiga churns them out like hotcakes every other week. Yeah, we thought it’d be easy too, but with any new endeavor we found out quickly how wrong we were.

For Amp’s first music video, we spent two Saturdays shooting random stuff aka b-roll aka things that looked cool or abstract aka people riding horses. That was no cake walk, but it also involved very little planning if any at all and besides videos are made in the editing room. Hence, “People’s Song” was born and a few thousand YouTube hits later, here we are on the berth of another video. Except “New Creation” was no “People’s Song.”

We had time to plan, prepare, and shoot what we wanted. Just like a real video shoot. Naturally, we thought it’d be smoother and far simpler than the first time around. Our director Sam worked tediously brainstorming back and forth with Amp about what kind of video they wanted and after a few rejections he was able to get an idea going and through some more fine tuning, he was able to develop a shot list and a story for “NC.” After even more preparation, we were finally able to get going. Location scouting, then test shooting, and more scouting. That was roughly near the end of July, beginning of August.

Soon we had a shooting schedule that spanned locations ranging from Maryland to Virginia and with the gracious support of friends and fans (Thank you all so much!) we were able to shoot a rough cut of the video that turned out… terribly.

Yes, we didn’t do so well the first time around, but luckily in life as in video games, there’s a second chance.

So we hit the reset button and re-shot everything in a very tight three, four days. And by God’s grace, it turned out fine. Not perfect. It was time to camp out in the editing room. For all of September and nearly all of October, Sam and Vinh worked extremely hard day and night without crying or throwing anything across the room, super impressive. A few rough drafts and a touch of effects later, we’re here.

We hope that you all will love the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Even though it wasn’t ideal, this is what we love to do and we hope that it shows in “New Creation.

Special Thanks:

AMP Movement for making this possible

Snack Truck Media for lending us camera gear

Cameron Lensing for the visual effects


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