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How are all great names created? We actually have no idea, but this is how we came up with ours:

Cooped up in a mid-sized sedan on a rainy night, five tired and hungry guys were headed back home after a long day of shooting b-roll. It was then that one of the guys told an interesting anecdote that seems to be the only thing we can all collectively remember* to this day. He told us about how it sucked being a third wheel whenever you went out. The only solution to being a third wheel was to add more people. Unless, he said, that the people you added to the group were another couple. Then you would be the spare tire.

We can’t really say why, but for some reason it hit us all in the right spot. It may have been that we were five odd guys who were coming back from what became our first music video or we were all just delusional from hunger pangs and grandeur was on the menu, but Spare Tire stuck.

Spare Tire Productions. We do video. It’s vague, but we like to think that video is the cup and that weddings, music videos, documentaries, commercials, or films are the content. We just have to fill it up creatively to the brim. Don’t worry, we have a huge cup. So in everything we aim to do, we intend to give it everything we have. And if a tire blows out along the way, you can be sure we got a spare.

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