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AMP x Jimmy Needham

We recently went to AMP’s latest concerts featuring the great Jimmy Needham on November 4th and 5th at Church of Phillipi and KCPW. Don’t recognize the name? Here’s something you may recongnize…

Now do you recongnize him? Forgiven and loved was one of his most popular songs and plays on the radio all the time. Ryan and I had the¬†opportunity¬†to meet him after shooting the shows. He’s a real laid back guy and has an amazing voice for sure.

The first show we went to was at the Church of Phillipi in Hanover, MD. They had a huge sanctuary area where the concert took place. The concert also had a magic show where Harris III performed his famous illusions to the crowd along with AMP and Jimmy Needham performing.

We also had the pleasure of having Eddie from The Jubilee Project come and speak with us and show us a sneak peek at their newest short film.

See some BTS we shot from the show:



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