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A Look Back

It’s already been a year since that fateful car ride and by God’s grace we’ve been able to sprinkle a few videos here and there since our inception. Without everyone’s support, we wouldn’t be here and we’re happy to say that we’re just getting started. Here’s to a more fruitful year and upcoming projects. Let’s take a quick look back before we flash forward a bit into what our future holds.

May 2012 “People’s Song” – AMP

This is where it all started. Thanks to Vinh’s web designing ability (one of his numerable talents) and his willingness to throw the rest of us a bone, this was, for better or worse, the birth of Spare Tire Productions. After a whole day of shooting b-roll in downtown Silver Spring and three Asian guys rapping in front of a camera, “People’s Song” emerged and it put a crazy idea in our heads, “what if we kept doing this?”


August 2012 “New Creation” – AMP

This is what happened when we realized we wanted to keep doing this. We’re thankful to AMP for letting us shoot their second music video and even though it wasn’t pretty at first and there are things we could nitpick about, this was a learning process and we’re proud of how it turned out.


Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.52.49 PM

January 2013 AMP Life

James Han of AMP wanted an “Office” like parody of a day in the life of AMP. What James wants, James gets.


Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.50.42 PM

June 2012 “Good Time” – The Atlantic Light (Cover)

Sam Choiza’s friend Johnny Chay happened to be in a band and they happened to cover Owl City’s “Good Time” and we happened to have a camera handy.


February 2013 “Feeling 22” – The Atlantic Light (Cover)

Another cover, another reason to have cameras on all personnel at all times.



Upcoming Projects:

2013 “Dig”

“Dig” was the first project all of us wanted to do. It was first conceived as a short horror film, but as time went on and we were working on other projects, “Dig” got left behind on the wayside. Until now. We’re stoked to say that “Dig” is back in our queue and we are in the writing stage for it. While we don’t want to give much away, “Dig” is about a group of friends who go geo-caching only to find that the price to take a cache is greater than they’ve feared. Just know that we’re excited about it, so please be on the lookout.

2013 Wok N Roll Commercial

We’ve been fortunate to get our first “corporate” gig and it’s going to be in commercial form via Wok N Roll, a Chinese restaurant with two locations in Northern Virginia. All we can say about it so far is that there will be dancing.

2013 You?

We’re looking for stories to tell regardless of form, whether it’s a wedding, music video, commercial, or film, we want to be the ones to share your stories because we value what every good story brings to the audience: a slice of truth.


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